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What is NIPAF.......?

What is Art?
What is Human Being?
We have arranged this festivals as the chance for starting to think about these questions. We've understood it would be a good and a big experiment.
History had turned radical.
We'll meet more difficult time.
Is there any possibilities?
What are the next ideas?
We have started the new thing now.
Because we already know that only the people who started the new thing, can get accross more difficulties.
Art and Human Beings are not new things.
They are the things that have an abundant history, if we'll
meet more difficulties, we would be in connection with
yesterday's, today's and tommorrow's friends.
The we'll make discussions and decide our attitude freely.
Then we start the things to do.
What is Art?
What is Human Being?
There are things that we could not understand.
But thinking about them gives us courage.
What is Performance Art?
It is also something that we could not understand.
But it's materials, body, meaning,time and space are similar to the materials of something we know.
This is life.
Each person have their own life. Needless to say.
But our locality had been wasted. Our globe had been wasted.
Our split had been wasted.
But Art has ideas.
Human Being has ideas.
Let's observe their performances and enjoy them.
it also means to enjoy life.
Such luxurious things are very rare.
In this sense, we will like to say the next words to the artists who came to Nagano from far away.
Thank you very much.
We believe this start is not too late to start.

06' NIPAF Executive Committee Director Seiji Shimoda




























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