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Feb. 13(Mon), 14(Tue), 15(Wed): Tokyo, Kagurazaka, DIE PLATZE, 080-5523-4361
Feb. 16(Thu), 17(Fri), 18(Sat): Aichi, Nagoya, Ozone Shopping street OZ Mall, 090-9186-9771
Feb. 20(Mon), 21(Tue), 22(Wed): Gunma, Maebashi,Culture Institute, 070-5459-0364
Feb. 26 (Sun), 27 (Mon): Nagano, Gondo, NEON HALL, 090-1652-9127

*Door open 6:30 PM, Start 7:00 PM
*The performer is different every day. Each work of 10-20 minutes. During about two and a half hours in total. It is possible to enter on the way.

Relative event

[Street Performance]
Feb. 12(Sun) PM2:00- in front of Shinjuku Kinokuniya Bookshop
Feb. 25 (Sat) PM4:00- in front of JR Nagano Station

[Artists' talk]
Feb. 12(Sun) AM10:00~PM1:00 Shinjuku "My Space" No.6 Room. (1,000 yen)
Feb. 18(Sat) PM4:00~6:00 "OZ Mall Community Center" (500 yen)

[ NIPAF Spring Seminar]
Feb. 23 (Thu), 24 (Fri), 25 (Sat) in Nagano, Kashiyo Iizuna Sanso & NIPAF HOUSE
contens: Artist talk, free performance, and street performance.
student 6000yen, adult 7000yen, +accommodation, foods and beer 7500yen for 3 nights 4 days.
contact and application for lectures: TEL 090-1652-9127,






















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